Open Mic Readers, July 2013

We had over a score of  poets stepping up to the mic on July 18, 2013!

Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Sacrament”
Lesa Medley “In Mary’s Garden”
Casey FitzSimons “Redwood Glade”
Doug Nelson “For My Wife’s Father”
Judith Schallberger Two Tanka Poems
Diane Moomey “The Body Speaks”
Barbara Saxton “The Fine Print”
Vicki L. Harvey “Something You Didn’t Mean To Do”
Dale Barnett “Layers”
Dennis Richardson “Desire”
Tiffany Oallesma Galicia “2nd Birth”
Jim Russo “Bombs”
Renee Schell “Arthur”
Dennis Noren “Our American Flag”
Pushpa McFarlane “Word Scrabble”
Bonnie George “Degree or not Degree”
Mike Alvarado “Right Hand Dancing, Left Side Swaying”
Paul Highby Haiku and Meta-Haiku
Clark Johnson “Love in War”
David Eisbach “Mother”
Vuong Vu “Flower Bomb”
Ainsley Kelley Self Pottrait as the Sleepers and the One Who Watereth
Katie Carter “Found”
Cintia Santana ?
Doe Parker “On Waking Up”

As usual, corrections are welcome.

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