Groundhog Day

— Jim Russo

It was a wonderful spring day, the sun was warm, with little wind

San Francisco was awakening to the outdoors

The park was lush with damp grass and puddles

A bone chilling wind stinging like chards of glass comes off the bay

Sprinting up the hill, over the top and through the park

A salty cold ocean of Neptune’s breathe

The cypress and pine trees were cheering and applauding

Then it was gone

The locals had their favorite spots, a view of down town, the beach or the wharf

I pushed you on the swing

Your laugh, your smell, I wanted you forever

We had planned to get married on “Ground Hog Day” but something came up

“Why not today, Valentine’s Day”?

“OK fine”

On our way to City Hall with the top down

I picked up a bouquet of spring flowers on Polk for my bride

It was like a Perry Mason court room with a pretty girl typing beyond the low railing

The judge was in chambers

There were other couples waiting along with friends and family

They were eying her flower, they were begging, it was embarrassing

I just mentioned twice that the pretty girl beyond the low railing looked familiar

My bride went ballistic, “DID YOU SLEEP WITH HER TOO!” “I DON’T REMEMBER!”

I gathered up the flowers, calmed her down and later the pretty girl my cousin, was our witness

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