Unlucky At Love

— Dennis Richardson

The lemon tree is coming back.
I don’t know where it’s been going
But it’s been going for the last five months
Like the moon these last five days,
Disguised as a gibbous cloud in the mornings,
Growing smaller and smaller.

My wife is coming back too.
I hope I recognize her, it’s been three days.
A lot can happen in three days:
Yesterday the temperature soared to 105f
From 102f in just 10 minutes.
And she keeps calling every 10 mins.
Saying there are delays but she won’t
Say where or what.

I asked her if she was with
The lemon tree or saw the heat rise.
I have a hunch she’s going steady with the moon
Or maybe it’s just a phase she’s going through.
I’ll know tomorrow morning if I see them together.
She could have told me though,
What with the heat and the need for lemons.
I am so counting on the moon to still be there
And alone.


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