Featuring Deborah Kennedy, September 2013

Thursday  September 19, 2013 – Willow Glen Public Library, 7PM

DEBORAH KENNEDY’S poetry explores themes related to the natural world and ecology. In her book, “Coevolution”, she has developed a unique format. Each poem is accompanied by detailed pen and ink illustration and a short essay. The essays expand on the experiences and knowledge that inform and inspire her poems. Some of the topics are endocrine disruption, the decline in bird and butterfly populations, and enriching our connectivity to the larger natural world.  Deborah Kennedy also works as an artist and has exhibited in California and Europe in numerous solo and group shows featuring objects, conceptually-based installations and public art focusing on ecological and social themes. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including a three-year California Arts Council grant to work with at-risk youth on graffiti murals and an “Artist’s Fellowship for Installation Arts” from the Arts Council of Santa Clara County, California. Her work has been reviewed in numerous publications including: “Artweek”, “The San Jose Mercury News” and was featured in two books published in Germany.
Deborah Kennedy presents at eco-art conferences and also teaches art and art history classes at the college and university level.
Open mic to follow. 

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