Autobiography in Brief

— David Eisbach

When I was a child,
I lived in the realm of adults.
I kept my own company.

The couch was my sailing ship.
A world globe was my treasure.
I wished I had a dog.

The lure of the mountains
was always what lay beyond.
A passing train was life

During my youth, the radio was my savior.
It gave me Chicago’s Wild Man DJ,
“Wolfman Jack,” and his Rhythm and Blues.

Loneliness was eased by Jay Andre’s
“Music Till Dawn,” when I was
introduced to Beethoven and friends.

In my adulthood, I traveled the world.
I’ve seen the glories and ruins of Petra,
Pergamon, Knossos, Rome and Istanbul.

All is changing now. Newspapers disappear.
The radio is bloated with bad news, the internet
is everywhere and television swims in fluff.

I miss the days before I had a
definition for “government.”
Still, I am hopeful.

I’m not yet ready for the mountain top,
where all is orderly and still, because
there are things yet to be done.

I look at the mountain differently now.

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