Hearing Voices

— Dennis Richardson

When I asked my new levi’s if they knew
they were going to St. Petersburg today.
They answered “Da” with their little zipper lips.
It was then that I knew pants could walk  and talk.

Later, I saw a rainbow and asked it not to rain
on my new levi’s, I didn’t want my thighs to turn blue.
The rainbow told me I had better take an umbrella then.
That’s when I knew there was reason in the universe.

I have been working with my psyche lately. It has always
been a little offish but worse recently.  I can’t seem
to wrap my head around the reason why Congress
won’t congress with Congress.  It’s October 9th, 2013,

have they reached a new debt ceiling yet?  My levi’s
get the blues just thinking about it.  Here in St. Petersburg,
the sun is making black lace of a tree as it sets orange behind it,
darkness quickly falling to say what darkness always says.

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