On Bach’s Double Concerto in D min

— Douglas Nelson

I found this concerto by Bach
Just before I found you.
So touched have I been by both
That I would swear
Bach loved someone,
And knew his love was returned.

In three movements:

In a Vivace of pure euphoria,
We manage to be together three times a month.
We wait for each other, you with a thermos of coffee,
Me warming croissants in foil over my car engine,
Manifold blessings in the literal sense.
We walk every street and along the river.
I live for your smile.

The sweetest of Adagio,
Two violins, in a contrapuntal mirror facing upward,
One side, then the other,
Apart, yet together,
In perfect intervals of thirds,
Comforting our western ears,
But like a Zen koan,
We are in the moment, no intruding thoughts,
Our wish only to be in each other’s presence.

The Allegro passes all too quickly,
The seeds of parting in the dwindling time we have,
One final hug, one last kiss, a yellow stickie for tomorrow in my lunch bag,
Until we wave from opposite freeway entrances.
I play only the third movement driving home,
Because the second brings me to tears.
This is all we can have now – lovers’ talk.
Any more than that must be in some undetermined future.

Joy in a minor key.

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