Open Mic Readers, October 2013

These  poets read their works at the Open Mic on October 17, 2013.

Tim Tomasi “Surprise Me”
Joe Navarro “Hyphenated”
Sandip Bhattacharya “Transversal”
Casey FitzSimons “Crisp, the Morning in April”
Jim Russo “Fascism, Want Some?”
Harry Lafnear “The Vestibule”
Diane Moomey “Cloud to Cloud”
Doug Nelson “On the Bach Double Concerto”
Deborah Kennedy “Sign Language”
Janet Trenchard “Renunciate”
Leslie Hoffman “The Labyrinth”
Dave Eisbach “Ending”
Dennis Richardson “Hearing Voices”
Mike Alvarado “Reel Life”
Renée Schell “Sestina for Cesar Chavez”
Bill Barnhart “The Valley Oak”
Jeffrey Leonard “Witness”
Jaci Hall “Orange Time”
Kirsten Olson “La Purisima Lompoc”
Bonnie George “The Handshake”
Richard Burns “My Redwoods”
Blaine Burgstrom “(Some) Womenr”
Christine Richardson “A Journal Entry”

As usual, corrections are welcome.

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