Open Mic Readers, November 2013

The November reading was extremely well attended and we had a number of   poets stepping up to the mic on November 21, 2013!

As usual, corrections are welcome

Vicki L. Harvey “Mystery”
Nick Butterfield “Hurt Feet”
Voung Vu “Twenty-two”
Linda Lappin “At a Glance”
Lesa Medley “The Door is Open”
Joel Katz “Reverse Haibun”
Leslie Hoffman “Quatrain”
Jerry Dyer “Shy Grace”
Barbara Saxton “Lightning Rod”
Janet Trenchard “Ars Poetica”
Dave Eisbach “St. Peter’s Dome”
Dennis Richardson “On Naming the Animals”
Renée Schell “Insomnia”
Mike Alvarado “All and Everything”
Cathy Latta “Marginalia”
Nancy Meyer “My Purple Jungle”
Sandra Khouny “Not a Sacred Place”
Gursharan Summan “Whispers for Orion”
Vinh Phan “Stage 3”
Nancy Fowler “Long Road Across the Outback”
Bill Barnhart “Fall Fungus”
Marty Saunders “Instructions for the Recently Institutionalized”
Ainsley Kelly “Untied Parcel”
Patricia Pinedo “Manzanita”
Jonathan Cook “Confluence”
Blaine Burgstrom “Rebuttal to Darwin’s Theory”
Christine Richardson “Veterans Day”


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