Mary Merry Christmas

— Dennis Richardson

Mary Christmas,
that was the name,
spelled M, A, R, Y,
my father, Mr. Christmas,
gave to my sister.

I’m sure it wasn’t a joke,
my father a serious man.
In fact he would say: what else
Could you name a daughter
With the last name of Christmas.

Sometimes he just can’t
contain himself, so fond of
saying, Merry Christmas
Mary Christmas, all season
long.  But she never complains.

Mother, however, likes to say
Mary Merry Christmas.
We are never quite sure which
merry precedes the other.
She doesn’t appear to know either.

I seem to have been somewhat luckier
In the naming category, although
How could he have resisted Nicholas.
My nick name is Nick, of course, and
Dad always precedes it with an S, T.

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