Open Mic Readers, December 2013

December saw one score and more poets stepping up to the mic on December 19, 2013!

As usual, corrections are welcome

Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Year of the Drowned Dog”
Len Anderson “A Simple Bow”
Jim Russo “Mickey Mouse”
Joel Katz “Meaning Made of Trees”
Nancy Meyer “Crashing the Party”
Nick Butterfield “At the Table”
Diane Lee Momey “Dropping a Stitch”
Dennis Richardson “Merry Mary Christmas”
Barbara Saxton “Boxing Day”
Dennis Noren “Returning Books Late”
Dave Eisbach “A Nude’s View”
Anna Georghiu “Take a Number”
Vinh “Hacked”
Judith Schallberger ??
Renee Schell “Destination Vienna”
Larry Sivydal “Cut Finger”
Jeffrey Leonard ??
Doug Nelson “To a Caged Rattlesnake”
Tim Tomasi “Hail Mary Anunciation”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Agitation”
Bonnie George “Passport to Neverland”
Dan Jensen “Gateway”
Audry Wong “Peter Pan”
Jill Parker ??


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