Featured Reader, January 2014

Co-host Christine Richardson introduced January’s featured reader, Dean Rader, with these words:

Imagine, if you will, having your latest collection of poems included in the top ten choices of the book reviewer for Barnes and Noble, along with volumes by such notable poets as Frank O’Hara, Stephen Burt, Brenda Hillman, and Ellen Bryant Voight. Our guest tonight, Dean Rader, has his new chapbook smack in the middle of these fine books. It bears the intriguing title: Landscape Poem Figure Form. I thought the review was so apt that I must quote it directly. “Rader is once ironic and joyful in a way that speaks familiarly and also sounds unlike anyone else. Funny without being mean, smart without talking down to anyone, accessible without being pandering, these poems are full of quixotic and generous sensibility. The reviewer closes with a line from a poem in the collection, ‘Nothing is harder to believe in/ than belief,’ Rader writes, ‘…and yet here/ we are,/ at it again/ never really knowing/ if we are the arrow/ or the bow.”

I do hope that the entirety of this poem is included in Dean’s reading tonight. And if you are familiar with Dean’s wonderful first collection of poems, Work and Days, you may have fingers crossed, as I do, that the much beloved Frog and Toad will appear as well.

Please join me in thanking Dean Rader for stepping in when Nils was unable to read tonight and  welcoming him back to inaugurate our readings for 2014.

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