— David Eisbach

The child’s voice within is faint;
It began with divorce
And the small question “why?”
Three aunts took him in
All at different times.
A pile of childhood memories
Speak much of being alone.
“why?” became a playmate.
A step-father chose not
to mold a son.
It would have been so easy.
Etched even deeper was
The ever growing “Why?”
Life struggles bore rewards,
That were viewed as undeserved.
But then he found the one,
Who loved the “Who” he was.
That voice is lighter now
As years go sprinting by.
Although, he feels alone sometimes,
The “Who” is gaining on the “Why?”

One thought on “Why

  1. David: a gentle memory of anguished child’s early life. Touching ….. And redeemed by the final words of the ‘why’ giving way to ‘who’ …… Somehow children survive attempts to diminish them, and they warm up to life and love. Your poem is a kiss on the heart.

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