— David Eisbach

As a boy, the movie was my mentor.
I had this special vision in mind.
I’d be a college man or an inventor
Of things only the mind could find.
I’d have a meerschaum pipe, and a learned degree,
A corduroy jacket with patches on each elbow,
At faculty discussions, I’d either agree or disagree.
I’d have library shelves as high as they could go.

I earned my degree, it certainly served me well
And pointed out that road leading to success.
The aroma from a pipe, some people like to smell,
But the stem’s juice tastes like dragon in distress.
I have a corduroy jacket, but it’s too hot to wear.
The library is my laundry room and to a cocoon compared.
In the groves of academe, my thoughts were ready to share.
But sports was the only topic, one for which I was ill prepared.
My expectations come in chapters now, short, concise and rare,
But they are sorely needed and help me move ahead.
They cannot go unheeded, or I might as well be dead.

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