Featured Reader, February 2014

Co-host Christine Richardson introduced February’s featured reader, Renee Schell, with these words:

We are so pleased to feature tonight one of our very own – Renee Schell – who joined these readings in  2012 and at the open mic began sharing with us her beautiful and well-crafted poems, many of which I hope we will get to hear again this evening.

Like many of the poets who present here, Renee is multi-talented. She holds a Magister degree from University of Bonn and a PhD from Stanford University. She is both and editor and translator from the German, as well as an editor for our own Willow Glen Poetry Project anthology and DeAnza’s Red Wheelbarrow.

Her poems have appeared in many journals, both print and online.

Renee has been instrumental in cataloguing and organizing our extensive poetry library at Markham House in History Park. She has given countless hours as docent and, I dare say, caretaker for Markham.

Renee is also an accomplished musician. This is apparent not only in some themes of her poems but also in the melodic and lyrical quality of her poetry. And as a mother with grown children, I was transported back to their childhood and my own wonderment about them and anxiety for them in Renee’s Sonnet for Arran. Here she observes her son as he reads his Lego storybook. She wonders what he is thinking as he turns the pages, wanting to know “the crazy plot lines a six year old can invent” but not “the dark-death scenes”.

She concludes.”…your smooth skin, like snow/ might vanish in a landscape I don’t know.”

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