Open Mic Readers, February 2014

February found a flurry of poets flocking to the mic!

As usual, corrections are welcome

Casey FitzSimons “I don’t always make it back”
Wulf Losee “The Oleanders”
Bill Barnhart “Nursery Worker
Janet Trenchard “Coolness”
Jim Russo “From the Mouths of Babes”
Audrey Wong “Take Me Home”
Diane Lee Momey “Barking All Night”
Millicent Kellogg “A Year of Forgetting”
Dennis Richardson “Fate”
Leslie Hoffman “Dateline: Rosewood”
Jerry Dyer “Sublimities”
Robbie Sugg “Veil-Raisers” by George W Carver
John Landry “On Being Called a Diletantte” by Rene Ricard
Pushpa MacFarlane “Angled and Moist”
John Price “Raggedy Ann Hits the Skids”
Catherine Latta “Kali’s Dance”
Bonnie George “Poetry Stationery”
Nancy Meyer “Nothing Displaces”
Andrea Konrad “Vulnerability Hangover”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Agitation”
David Perez “Talking to a Bearded Dragon”
Carol Steele “Facing Mortality”
Mary Lou Taylor “Remnants”
Tom Rimel “Stage 4 Bargaining”
Nick Butterfield “End of Words”
Judith Schallberger “First Frost”
Jane Hymas “Grains of Sand on the Beach”
Patricia Machmiller “How to Paint a Mountain”
Betty Arnold “Journey to Red Rock”
Kitty Nesbitt “Glass”
Sandip Bhattacharya “Summer Rain”
Mike Alvarado “Mercy”
Dave Eisbach “Expectations”
Evelyn So “Field Trip to the Benjamin Franklin Institute”
David Alexandrou “Bukowski was Watching..” ?
Christine Richardson Poem by Maxine Kumin

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