— Dennis Richardson

This poem should begin:  In the beginning there was
only positive and negative and as you know, they are
attracted to each other. Over time, as they mutated to good
and bad, became joined at the hips, everything we know
today was created. I don’t know what happened
to the neutrons, maybe they became Independents.

But today, if I stand in front of a mirror and if my head is backlit
I can see the curvature of the earth through the thinning
forest of my hair. I stand in amazement at the thought of it:
The earth my head, my head the earth; God saying let there
be light, forgetting to say “and something to keep his hair
on his head”.  Not that that’s evil but it’s not like the trees
in autumn either, their leaves come back.

But when God entered the picture, sometime much later,
so did evil, not that there hadn’t been evil doings before,
or that there weren’t bad things being done, but that there
were and are things being done then and today which are
much better than good in the way that evil is much worse
than bad. You know evil is just devil minus the “d”.

I want a word to honor the greatness of better than good.
I am looking for a word to counteract the word evil.
Don’t ask my why, I just think it has to be here, a secular
word at the other end of the rainbow of life, the extremes
we live between.  The universe is like that: the day speaks
of night just before it blows out its candle.

I know it is here, not ngel, angel minus the “a” but a word like
Elan, something to say we have arrived at this place in time
where we know we are or have done better than good,
better for mankind, better for the earth, my head, if not my hair.

2 thoughts on “Amen

  1. Dennis, I always like the conversational style of your poems. And you have more hair than some of us !!!

  2. A swooning, sweeping, scrupulous survey of what is barely right and seriously wrong with our world.
    Somehow I don’t feel as fractured when I read your credible assessment. Neat. M.

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