Featured Reader, March 2014

Co-host Christine Richardson introduced March’s featured reader, Mark Heinlein, with these words:

Here at Willow Glen, our featured readers are multi-faceted poets. We have had
professor/poets, physicist/poets, engineer/poets, German- translator/poets. And tonight we have our one and perhaps only, fishmonger/poet, Mark Heinlein. And I can attest to this: Mark and I have had many spirited conversations about poetry over the Atlantic salmon and scallops at the Whole Foods fish counter.

Mark’s poems have appeared in numerous publications. He also was a winner in both Santa Clara County contests that our first two poet – laureates sponsored. In 2013 he gave a Ted talk at San Jose State University entitled, “Family, Culture, and How a Poet Makes His Bread” which possibly mentioned the art of fish mongering.

And now Mark can proudly claim his first book of poetry, “Everything We Call
Ordinary” published my Tourane Press. The printing could not be finished in time for tonight’s reading, but a sign up list is available for preordering.

And it is the glorious ordinary that Mark so skillfully writes about – the wondrous, the painful, the uncertainty, the mystery of our ordinary lives. In an introduction to a seven part poem called “Wake, Mark acknowledges poets who have inspired him to “look at the world with awakened eyes. I still arise and write poems and imagine them hung from branches with twine as the poet Antonio Porta imagined his work passed from stranger to stranger to stranger in the street. With this in mind these poems are addressed to you, Darling, whoever passes by, as I dangle letters in the wind.”

So here to dangle his poems before us, please welcome Mark Heinlein.

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