Let it be Us

— Ioana Georghiu

let it be us
who understand that opportunity is neither forever
nor instant
that if not now, then when?
when is the best possible time to abolish the fear of
impotence and impossibility
and if not us, then who?
who are the best people that can awaken from the illusion
that we are separate and alone
that we are confined by a system that has adopted us without our permission
and that we cannot rise until it falls
well let it be us who say “it can be done”
bring out the optimists
invite the strangers
let us illuminate the unexamined corners of possibility
loosen our reserves of creativity
and learn from the stifled voices of our history
let every act of civil disobedience
be more than a contagious trend of self-appraisal
and let us stand behind every protest
with more than a day’s worth of good intentions.
every purchase is a vote
so cast your vote with your whole body
be individually motivated but collectively deployed
and when motivation is drowned out by the comfort of routine
let us remember that true peace is not merely the absence of war
but the building of institutions that allow people to be human
kindness is a virtue
let us give more than we ever got
visit the lonely
encourage the young
comfort the old
remind them that the weight doesn’t rest solely on their shoulders
that the feeling of powerlessness and inaptitude is the most crippling disability
and it can be changed
among our endless daily transactions let us make one collective bargain
that our dreams are not negotiable
let it be us who keep our personal morality in an age of immoral bureaucracy
who stand up and speak up,
who initiate and demonstrate that we can all live better
be better
our minds have not been colonized without our consent
so let it be us who accept responsibility
because whether you lean to the left, the right, or neither
our common politics should be
that private morality has public consequences
don’t be disillusioned by the dichotomy of choice
and question not only what is present but
also what is absent
be both reactionary and radical
let it be us that emancipate ourselves from containment and discipline
who agitate
and create
let our creations be more than a desperate wish for imagination
without insight
let us break free from our sterile grounds
and realize that the pandemic of coporate interests
cannot be fought from the silence
let it be voiced
let it be now
and let it be you

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