Open Mic Readers, March 2014

March had a score and more poetic souls springing up to the mic!

Pegatha Hughes “Abundance”
Angie Boisevain “Musing on Water”
Jeffrey Leonard Haiku
Lesa Medley “Another World Outside”
Janet Trenchard “Prickly Pear”
VoungVu “Autumn”
Diane Moomey “Sleeping in the Desert”
Barbara Saxton “Sound Tracks”
Clysta Seney “Weather”
Dennis Richardson “Amen”
Erica Goss “The Weight”
Dennis Noren “Lexicon”
John Price “Schadenfreude”
Mike Alvarado “Hello”
Renée Schell “Beethoven in the Desert”
David Eisbach “Bonds of Boyhood”
John Landry “East of Amnesia”
Robbie Sugg Untitled
Jerry Dyer “Those Who Turn in Circles”
Andrea Konrad ???
Ioanna Gheorghiu “Let it Be Us”
Vinh Phan “Watercolor”
Ainsley Kelly “Holding Pattern”
Erin Redfern “Cake of Soap”
Chris “Waiting”
Bea Garth “I See what I See”
Jaci Hall ???
Pushpa MacFarlane “Underwood”
Judith Orich (read by Chris) Untitled
Evelyn So “”Things Themselves of Wonder”-by Mark Heinlein, Aztec Review
Christine Richardson “Mémé Serves Cake to Debussy”

As usual, corrections are welcome.

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