Wither Weather

 — Clysta Seney

We graph.
We map.
We wish
to predict
this earth’s
bag of tricks
with isobars,
historical highs,
modeled lows
wind speed factors,
and Doppler flows.

Pre-named hurricanes
like Ike and Jeeves,
come complete with
landfall probabilities,
Phoenix counts dew points,
Chicago sweats humidity,
San Franciscans prefer
miles of visibility.

Some humans just smell
the weather coming
feel it deep in
their bones and skin
like to watch it
play itself out
from its inside out;
speak to it at low tide,
about it over back fences,
trust their own senses,
anywhere outside.

No matter how we look at it
the forecast is plain —
whether left-brained or right-brained —
The climate will change.

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