Open Mic Readers, April 2014

April was Poetry Month! And we had a fantastic turnout at the Willow Glen Public Library. True to the tradition of the Willow Glen Poetry Project’s celebration of Poetry Month, most poets read a poem of their own and a poem by a poet they admire.

As usual, corrections are welcome

Jerry Dyer “With This Heart”
“My Heart” by Frank O’Hara
Vicki L Harvey “When Will the Before become the Now?”
“One Cedar Tree” by Joy Harjo
Lesa Medley “Searching for Words”
“Hippos on Holiday” by Billy Collins
Mary Lou Taylor “First Communion”
“Tragedy” by William Stafford
Joel Katz “Swerve”
“Fine Work with Pitch and Copper” by W C Williams
Jeffrey Leonard “Bucks Lake”
Stephanie Pressman “Trilogy for a Woman”
“Triolet for Eric” by Ruth E. Foley
Clysta Seney ““Open I’s Matter”
“Passers-by” by Luis J. Rodriguez
Tim Tomasi ““Are We There Yet?”
“Sine Qua Non” by A. E. Stallings
Jean Emerson ““A God Who Could Dance”
“Thanks” by W. S. Merwin
Janet Trenchard ““Valerian”
“Eve in the Fall” by Debora Greger
Robin Lysne ““All My Armor Has Been Dissolved”
“Las Miradas” by Adam Cornford
Nick Butterfield ““The En”
“When Death Comes” by Mary Oliver
Gayle Ross ““Waiting for Words”
“Hoarding Your Joys and Despairs” by Gregory Orr
Ted Gehrke ““Buzz”
“The Diamond Persona” by Norman Dubie
Mike Alvarado ““Also, Also”
“Prospective Immigrants, Please Note” by Adrienne Rich
Vuong Vu ““Moon Watching”
“Blue Moon” by Jerry Dyer
Erin Redfern “To a Caged Rattlesnake”
Tim Tomasi ““Both Drowning and Breathing”
“Now the Moon is in the First Quarter” by Frank Gaspar
Valerie Kockelman ““Widow’s Lament”
“Don Chu Go!” by Naomi Shihab Nye
Shanti Tangri ““Isaac’s Complaint”
“Wanted: Someone who already Loves Me” by Susan Mann
Janice Pang ““Penstemon ‘Margarita’ BOP”
“anyone lived in a pretty how town” by e. e. cummings
Evelyn So “Undertow,” by Mary-Marcia Casoly, and “From the House of Yemanja” by Audre Lorde
Floi Baker ““Raven”
“Nature’s Way” by Francesco Marciuliano
Renae Keep ““Autobiography of a Phrase”
“Variation on a Sentence” by Louise Bogan
Barbara Saxton ““Daze without Poetry”
“The Arrival of the Bee Box” by Sylvia Plath
Judith Schallberger “The Gardener” by Mary Oliver
Ainsley Kelly ““Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk Anymore”
“Sequestered Writing” by Carolyn Forché
Patricia Machmiller ““I Believe”
“The Second Slaughter” by Lucia Perillo
June Hopper Hymas ““Invocation”
“Encounter” by Czeslaw Milosz
Leslie Hoffman “Today, a Son of Africa”
“Frederico’s Ghost” by Martin Espada
Pushpa MacFarlane ““The Mind of a Poet”
“Indian Names” by Lydia Sigourney
Tom Rimel ““Topography”
“After great pain” by Emily Dickinson
Carol Steele ““Again I’ll Hang Prayer Flags”
“City of My Youth” by Czeslaw Milosz
Maya Nair ““A Closure”
“O My Friends” by Mirabai
Renée Schell ““Where the Food Comes From”
“By the Sea” by Maura Stanton


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