Searching for Words

— Lesa Medley

I need inspiration –
that electric spark
that ignites
the strong desire
for words.
To hell with grammar
and punctuation,
just write down on paper
what you really feel
deep down in the dark,
depths of your soul.
Who says that words
need to ferment
until they are ready
to bubble up to
the surface?
I am drowning
in my own words.
Yet, I can’t find the
right ones.
I need to get them out!
I want to climb down,
explore what’s there,
then bring them up,
lay them all out
in the sunlight,
for all to see.
They say to take your time,
and the words will come.
In their own time,
their own season.
To them I say…
Patience is not my
middle name.
These are my words,
and I want them, now!

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