Open Mic Readers, May 2014

The Poets of May!

John Price “Most Fogged Trees”
Lesa Medley “Word Sea”
Janet Trenchard “Mothers, Gods and Angels”
Robin Lysne “Deerise”
Casey FitzSimons “To a Poet Infatuated with Tony Hoagland”
Mary Lou Taylor “Portable Lover”
Diane Moomey “Memorial Day”
Stephanie Pressman “Changing the Toilet Paper…”
Dennis Richardson “Our Fish Pond”
Millicent Kellogg “In the House Next Door”
John Lopez “Noh ek”
Leslie Hoffman “Seasons of My Father”
John Staedler Untitled
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Threshold II”
Harry Lafnear “Painter at Work”
Nick Butterfield “Soon”
Renée Schell “Magic Crow”
Jeffrey Leonard “Bear River to Fort Bridger”
Dennis Noren “I’ve Got Mail”
Jerry Dyer “Dark Bottle”
Tom Rimel “No Love Too Large”
Bea Garth “Orange Marmalade”
Judy Sandretto “Mother’s Day”
Sandip Bhattacharya Poems by Javed Akhtar
Jim Russo “The Party’s Over”
David Eisbach “Legacy of Soap”
Christine Richardson “Opinions, Judgments, Happenstance”

As usual, corrections are welcome.

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