Our Fish Pond

— Dennis Richardson

I am hesitant to go into their home
Uninvited, to leave my deep foot
Prints on their gentle green carpet;

To break that shiny surface
Of trust, the double-sided window
That separates our two worlds.

In winter when I am by the pond
The fish rush to where they were
Fed in summer even though they

Will not eat. But the filters must be
Cleaned and the water plants thinned.
I step in carefully so as not to scare

Them, any sudden movement and
They bolt. But once in the water,
They begin to nibble on my knees.

One thought on “Our Fish Pond

  1. Gentle observation of the under world – a needed reminder that there is respect and attention need to be paid to the other living creatures. Not every one is lucky enough to have Koi nibbling at their knees. Millicent

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