Portable Lover

                                                (From the doll “Mr. Wonderful”)

— Mary Lou Taylor

A brown paper-wrapped package
came. No return address. Inside,
a little man with the whitest, evenest teeth,
a Schwarzenegger smile, wide muscled arms.
One hand held a red rose.

Press me here, his belt buckle reads.
How about a big kiss?
She picks him up, darea
to squeeze him. His body
responds to her touch
like a plush pillow’s would.

Let’s just lie in bed and talk all night.
Words that mkee her fingers tingle. At last
a man who knows what she wants.

You’re perfect just the way you are.
I wouldn’t change one thing. Yes.
She fingers his belt buckle one more time,
wants to run her hands through his plastic hair,
gaze into those blank blue eyes.

I could carry him in my pocket, bring him
out whenever I pleased, hold him
In the palm of my hand.

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