Featured Reader, August 2014

Christine Richardson introduced the featured reader, Connie Post, with these words:

Connie Post Featured Reader August 2014Much in the realm of publication has happened for tonight’s featured reader since she firstread here in November 2010.  A chapbook, And When the Sun Drops(2012) has been described as "straightforward and moving covering twenty years in the life of her profoundly autistic son. This January, Connie Post had her first full length book of poetry published, Floodwater. In addition her work continues to be included in anthologies and numerous journals. Earlier the many poems she wrote for civic events while she served aspoet laureate of Livermore (2005-2009) have been included in City of Words. This should come as no surprise. Ever since she was a teen-ager, Connie has embraced the art of poetry as her medium to chronicle and understand her personal world as well the world at large. Her poetry is an invitation to link your arm through hers and walk together, sometimes down a difficult road. A reviewer of the chapbook, Trip Wires described Connie’s poems so well: “Good poems often remind us of what we already know and help us to look at the essential parts of our lives more deeply.” We have an opportunity to do just that right now. Please welcome Connie Post.

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