Open-Mic Readers, August 2014

Our poets have been busy as the proverbial summertime bees! Great turnout in August!

John Price “Green Times Nine”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Oven”
Elizabeth Cooney “What I Remember at Age 8”
Ellaraine Lockie “Any Woman”
Casey FitzSimons “Subdivision”
Janet Trenchard “Memory Hag”
Diane Moomey “Bring The Maps”
Jerry Dyer “Santa Fe”
Mary Ann Savage “Introvert/Luddite”
Erica Goss “Arrhythmia”
Lesa Medley “Crosswalk Observations”
Nancy Meyer “Dance Done”
Stephanie Pressman “Grandma Speaks From the Belly of the Wolf”
Dennis Noren Imprints, Point Reyes (Robert Bly)
Jeffrey Leonard “Eulogy for Bill Resch”
Leslie Hoffman “Spirit Pony”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Faded Photographs”
Renée Schell “Afternoon with Beethoven”
Evelyn So “On Xu Beihong’s ‘Galloping Horse’”
Al Precindo “Blue Jacaranda”
Erin Redfern “Some Work Is Mine”
Tom Rimel “Love and Eggs”
Vicki Harvey “The Soul of a Dresser”
Nick Butterfield “If You Were Me”
David Eisbach “Ayti”
Barbara Saxton “Someone Else’s War”
Dennis Richardson “Like It Or Not”
Paul Highby 2 poems about deer
Cher Wollard “The Actor”
Amy Meier “Summer Nights”
Christine Richardson “At the Pantoum Poetry Workshop”

As usual, corrections are welcome.

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