Spirit Pony

— Leslie Hoffman

I watched from a distance
girl mount bareback
a horse called Moon.
Spine straight, blonde hair flowed,
black mane billowed;
platinum and ebony,
resolute, vigilant,
nostrils flared.
If I were a horse,
I’d be you, Moon,
her words rode on the wind.
Moon whinnied,
her fluid gait uninterrupted.
Rider and mount challenged to trust
each other, inner-selves,
their collective power.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Pony

  1. I had a Spirit Pony once. His name was Silver Nelson after the man who sold him to me for the money in my pocket – $1.97 – and we lived together for 20 years, mostly walking on the wind and talking about love and life. Thank you for helping me remember. M. Kellogg

  2. Hi Millicent, your response to Leslie’s poem is a poem in itself. I’m thinking about what that $1.97 brought to you. Mmm: Silver Nelson. Thank you.

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