The Soul of a Dresser

— Vicki L. Harvey

You stood under the window
serving as a platform for Scooter Pie
to come in from the rain.
The finish chipped and faded.

I remember the broken drawer pull
that Paul was able to eventually
replace when he refinished your
beautiful maple body in a Cherry finish.

Your funny middle drawers, so small that
that only socks would fit, always made me
laugh at such a design.

You dance in my imagination.
Your curved legs kicking and stomping
to the beat of the Mariachi Band
reminiscing of times in Mexico.

You are more then just a piece of furniture.
You possess the soul of the one
who touched you the most.
Good times and also pain and suffering

are stored in every grain of your spine.
Why were you stored away becoming
I spent years thinking about you,

looking at your photo, not knowing if I
would ever see your beauty again,
always picturing how you would look
In my room.

I was in the process of releasing you
and saying goodbye forever when
miraculously you came back into my
world and home.

It has been 31 years since Scooter Pie
walked upon your back but you have
come full circle and late at night when
she thinks I am sleeping,

I can hear Miss Vivien jump from the bed
onto your shiny slick surface, sliding into
the picture frame and batting the metal
handles of my jewelry box and I don’t mind.

I wake up each morning to see you standing
there in all your glory. The memories come
flooding back and I am happy.
Welcome Home!

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