Featured Reader, September 2014

Christine Richardson introduced the featured reader, Alan Solodofsky, with these words:

Tonight’s featured reader has been a contributing figure in our poetry community for over 40 years. Alan Soldofsky is a professor of English and is currently the Director of Creative Writing at San Jose State University. His poems have appeared in many magazines and journals. Three chapbooks have preceded the 2013 publication of Alan’s first full- length book of poems, In the Buddha Factory.

Many of these poems originated from his observations and experiences in China where he discovered the making of the future largest Buddha statue in the world. These poems form the center of his tri-sectioned book. It is intriguing to read how the poems in the other two sections dealing with our own South Bay and other California towns connect and interact in Alan’s consciousness and take shape in this collection.

And Alan also offers us some wisdom about poetry: “Poems are an experience on two levels. They’re an experience of what you grasp from decoding the words. And they’re an experience of what happens to you when you say the words in your own head, or even say out loud…It’s a way in which emotion, experience through our common language, and perception all join.” Now for our own multi-level experience, please welcome Alan Soldofsky.

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