Open Mic Readers, September 2014

As we head towards Fall, poets heed the call!

Casey FitzSimons “I Visit Dan And Then Go Home”
Clysta Seney “You Leave, I’ll Stay”
Bill Cozini “Plane 3”
Lesa Medley “Invocation”
Janet Trenchard “White”
Peter Carroll “Summer School”
Dave Eisbach “Numbers”
Jim Russo “Bad News”
Diane Moomey “Our Moon, Reunion”
Elizabeth Cooney “One Good Hand”
Jeffrey Leonard “Alice”
Deborah Kennedy “Hole Minus Hole”
Renee Schell “At the Aquarium”
Paul Highby “Homage to Dickinson”
Tom Rimel “I’m the Countess of Aphasia”
Amanda “My Words”
Leslie Hoffman “The Anasazi”
Judy Sandretto “All the King’s Horses”
Doug Nelson “It’s Only Thursday”
John Landry “The Closing Down of Netherland”
Jeffrey Leonard “Poetry Saved My Life”
Sandip Bhattacharya Poems by Tagore
Gabriel Orozco “San Jose”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Growing Poetry”
Robert Ricardo Reese “To the Border of China”
Chrisine Richardson “After I Inadvertently Pressed ‘Delete All'”

Owing to the excitement of the evening (or illegibility!), sometimes there are errors in the transcription of the Poet’s or Poem’s names: If you notice an error in the list above, please send us a note at

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