Our Moon, Reunion

— Diane Moomey

Days and nights we walked your garden —
spent petals of camellia softened our steps.
Our moon fell and rose, our shadows
on your perfect stucco walls; our arms
fell and rose in cadence with our words,
the perfect rhythm of our words, their brimming
pools flooding the parched years
of our silence.

When we parted, I took a stone.

My own garden, your stone warm
in my hand. A blossom falls, finished,
and wrapped in its pink heart lies one
of your words. Gardenia, saucer
beneath its pot; I tip the water out.
What spatters on the flags
is the joke you told.
Our moon rises — I hear again
the story of your dream.

One thought on “Our Moon, Reunion

  1. Interesting….interesting! Days and nights……but you still parted. A warm stone keeping it close.
    The moon giving rebirth to it each spin. The heart loves to be reminded. MK

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