Angel Directives

—Lesa Medley

Smile more often
Laugh more often
Light candles
Use the good dishes
Listen to music that moves you
Dance, play, create
Sing, even if you think you can’t
Stretch yourself
Surprise yourself
Always keep a positive attitude
Stay on the offensive, be strong
Speak softly
Practice gratitude daily
Do what you can do
Do what really matters
Let go of the rest
Be present and in this moment
Be gentle with yourself
Be kind to each other
Look out for each other
Rest when you need to
Tell those you love you love them
Make memories to cherish
Choose to be happy
Most of all…
Don’t take it all so seriously
Have fun, celebrate
Enjoy this wild and crazy
Precious life!

One thought on “Angel Directives

  1. Wonderful, Lesa, a whole palette of commands, where some shine so brightly. I especially like “Practice gratitude daily,” and “Be gentle with yourself.” Would that we all kept half of these in mind!

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