Cyborg Penis

—Jim Russo

…dedicated to the men and women engineers of Silicon Valley

It’s rumored that Cyborgs will be joining our species soon
They will originate from here, from Silicon Valley
Created with superior cognitive speed and unlimited intellect
Programmed with faultless predictability of outcomes, whatever subject
But big venture capitalists money is waiting for something special
The first Cyborg Penis
That’s the Holy Grail of the Santa Clara Valley
Those are the whispers over glasses of Chardonnay
Who’s going to be the first with an operating Cyborg Penis?
Of course the mandatory requirements for operation are known
The Cyborg Penis must vibrate, rotate, expand and contract
It must contain multiple LED colored lights and an inconspicuous
temperature setting
When the first Cyborg Penis implants are fitted
It will be bye-bye to vibrators and welcome to a whole new world


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