Open-Mic Readers, October 2014

This October we decided to do April in October. That is, “Poetry Month” in Fall: There was no featured reader, but poets got to read their own work as well as the work of a poet who they admire. We had a fantastic turn out!

 Tim Tomasi “The Stalker Moon”
“Anabel Lee” by E.A. Poe
Peter Carroll “The Wheel”
“Solstice” by Louise Glück
 Casey FitzSimons “Gleaner”
“Recognition” by Connie Post
Harry Lafnear “Barbie & Ken”
 Jim Russo “Cyborg Penis”
“How to Dress for the End of the World” by Len Anderson
Davie Eisbach “You Have a Story to Tell”; “Where is Your Love” by Robert Weston
 Diane Moomey “Raising Bread”
from “Letter to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke
 Jerry Dyer “Stillness”
“Surprised by Evening” by Robert Bly
 Amy Meier “End of Summer in the Garden”
“At the Center” by Ted Kooser
Millicent Kellogg “Dream Catcher”
“Dirge Without Music” by Edna St Vincent Mill
 Nick Butterfield “Mom”
“Glass Paint” by Jane Hirshfield
 Jenny Luu “Moonbathing”
“Young” by Anne Sexton
 Leslie Hoffman haiku “Great Blue”
“The Fugitive Poets of Fenway Park” by Martin Espada
 Vicki L. Harvey “Everything is Waiting for You” by David Whyte
 Lesa Medley “Angel Directives”
“Perhaps the World Ends Here” by Joy Harjo
 Valerie Kockelman “Who Am I?”
“This Be the Verse” by Philip Larkin
 Elizabeth Cooney “On hearing of the death of my friend”
Erin Redfern “Percipitate”
“Pied Beauty” by G. M. Hopkins
Dennis Richardson “The Power of Imagination”
“Sonnet, with Pride” by Sherman Alexie
 Charles Albert “A Feel for the Water”
“Peg Leg Pig” by Timothy Murphy
 Vuong Vu “I Dream What my Father Witnessed in War”
“Mad Girl’s Love Song” by Sylvia Plath
 Bill Baldwin “Bist Shayn”
 Robbie Sugg “View From a Crow’s Nest”; “Sweet Auburn” by Fanny Howe
John Landry “Clear Pond”
“The Moon” by Charles Olson
Maria Mesa “The Ghosts in my Bones”
“Elena” by Pat Mora
Gabriel Orozco “Let Me Speak”
“Man to Man” author unknown
Stephanie Capetilla “Your Mind is a Beautiful Mess”
Lucia Flores “The Conforming Jessica”
Melissa Young “I Don’t Know”
“Tick Tock” anonymous
Renée Schell “Lace”
“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost
Christine Richardson “I’m Looking For You”
“The Night He Picked Up Wallace Stevens” by J.T. Barbarese

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