Open-Mic Readers, November 2014

We had a great turn out as usual!

 Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Ithaka”
Vicki L. Harvey “Sensibilities”
Howard Pugh “To Men At Home In The Land”
Lesa Medley “The Door Is Open”
Jerry Dyer “Liebestod”
Diane Moomey “Brie”
 Al P? “The Last Summer”
Millicent Kellogg “The Bee”
Jennifer Glover “Psalm 23”
Erin Redfern “Fauntleroy Ferry”
 Jaci Hall “Quoins and Dingbats”
 Renée Schell “Cucaracha”
Jeffrey Leonard Untitled
Barbara Saxton “Venus’ Intransigence”
Erica Goss “At 13 I Let a Boy Shoot My Dog With a BB Gun”
Nick Butterfield “Detox”
Dave Eisbach “Gnats”
Janet Trenchard “Pool Light”
Dennis Noren “Fool Proof Instructions”
 Amy Meier “Not This One”
Katie Carter Untitled
Dennis Richardson “To Hope and Have Not”
William Baldwin “People and Bodies”
Jenny Luu “Like No Other”
Sandip Bhattacharya “Cosmology”
Floi Baker ?
Valerie Kockelman “In Praise of Birds of Prey”
Christine Richardson “A Zen Encounter with the Fishmonger at Whole Foods”

If you see errors above in the names of the poets or poems, please write to us at with the corrected information.

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