— Vicki L. Harvey

Everything must have meaning
The maroon corvette
The sad man
The black crow –
Staring at me

Why are you staring at me?
Is someone going to leave today?

My mind spins out of control
Writer’s minds often do

The block has lifted
And I am once again inspired –

In the bathroom
No pen
No paper
I am frantic
To keep the words fresh

How can I keep the words fresh?
Will my memory collapse?

The young twit in the store
Yells out “She has Usher on
Her phone – I wish my grand-
Mother was cool like you”
I want to become invisible
Or maybe just slap her silly

Does aging make you sensitive?
Will I completely loose it?

This time of year
Makes me think too much
Feelings like tissue paper
Very fragile
Damaged easily

I don’t know where
The words come from –
I don’t question it  –
I just write

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