Open-Mic Readers, December 2014

An enjambment of poets gathered for the December open-mic

Jeffrey Leonard “Peterson- 50%”
Karen Franzenburg “Hope Vanished”
Beth Phillips Brown “Thinking of Madeline on a Summer Evening”
Robbie Sugg Untitled (part of “Bohemian Dream”
Al Nightingale Two small poems
Barbara Saxton “Wintry Thoughts”
 Millicent Kellogg “Christmas Wish List”
Amy Meier “Christmas Beans”
Dennis Richardson “From Moment to Moment”
Jim Russo “Superbowl Sunday 2011”
Evelyn So “The Trip to the Lincoln Institute”
 Judith Schallberger Haiku contest winners
Erin Redfern “I Don’t Want to Look”
Janet Trenchard “Memory Hag”
Renée Schell “Beyond Vienna”
Len Anderson “Door”
Joel Katz “The One”
Leslie Hoffman “Reverie”
John Landry “A War to Warm Their Psalms By”
 Vuong Vu “Move On”
Pushpa MacFarlane “On Target”
David Eisbach “Winter Nocturne,” by Philip Larkin
Christine Richardson “December”

If you see errors above in the names of the poets or poems, please write to us at with the corrected information.

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