Moon Set

—Jerry Dyer

The moon has set, and the Pleiades.–Sappho

The wan moon is setting behind the white wave,
And Time is setting with me, oh!–Robert Burns

Gibbous or crescent,
what does it matter,
you’re the same old moon,
always a cold shoulder,
spilling milk or no—

Well-traveled cipher,
sky-hoarded silence!
You’re an everlasting tuck
of the brimming sea.
You fret our sleep as well,
dragging eyes skyward,
tugging werewolves and tom-cats
from their beds.

Mere mirror, really,
for the sun, a cosmic foil,
galaxial spittoon,
you show a face as
cankered as forsworn.

But you never turn away,
I’ll grant you that:
You saw Sappho
close her eyes, and you’ll
watch me mine, and how many
in-between? Time sets
for us all, while you
just glide on by, making
for Athens or Bombay.

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