Thursday’s Poem Has Far To Go

—Dennis Richardson

I started with Thursday’s Poem as the title,
Which reminded me of Thursday’s Child
Has far to go, which seemed to fit
For the first word I thought I would write
On my journey of a thousand words.

I checked my birthday day, Wednesday.
Now I’ve got two kids with me, one
Full of woe and one who has far to go.
Why couldn’t I have been fair of face
Or full of grace or loving and giving,
Even, works hard for a living…

But today, like any other day,
Children unknowingly wander
In and out of all the days of the week,
Free to do so, while we oldies go
About our assigned character’s
Rhyme as if it is our fate,

Not thinking we can change it:
My mother worked hard for a living;
My father, full of woe. Kids today
Probably haven’t heard of the days
Of the week tied to their fortune-telling
Rhyme of 1883.

I worry though about their ear-buds,
What rhymes they are hearing,
Who and what messages they are texting to
And receiving from, no words from their
Lips for us to hear.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Poem Has Far To Go

  1. This is wonderful, Dennis. The sense of the lost world–where kids would meet you eye to eye, and where attention and heart were located in the here and how–is beautifully expressed here.

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