Written On A California January Day

— Floi Baker

I have loved our January weather the past couple of days. Deep within myself,

I have longed for it.

Looking out the large dining room window this afternoon, I saw beautiful

patterns of sunlight and shadow. My white cat, sitting on top of the desk in front of

the window, observed the same thing. At first there was a different sort of

light……..almost ethereal…….and I think that’s why it all looked so beautiful.

Then both sunlight and shadows faded so quickly. I thought about that, and I

said out loud, “Isn’t life like that……..sunlight and shadow, and it all fades so

quickly?” As I write this, I feel sad. But I love the moody weather!

Later, when it began to get dark, I saw it! Yes, yes! Up through the Privet tree I

saw it gleaming! The moon! A full moon!

I hurried to the end of the deck for a better look. And there it was! As I

watched it, that same entrancing wildness was there inside me again, and I stood

powerless under the spell. I said, “Hello Mai Tai”, because it was so reminiscent

of the wild November moon I never forgot, that night with my beloved dog Mai Tai,

back in 1994. It rained then, and even now, I felt the sprinkle of raindrops!

Wild I am…..with longing!

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