Featured Reader, February 2015

Poet Kelly Cressio-Moeller introduced January’s featured poet, Robbie Sugg : 

Our featured reader: Isn’t painter, musician, printmaker, poet a lovely lyrical line? To be accomplished in just one of these art forms would be sufficient for most of us, but tonight’s featured reader excels in them all… and he is not yet 30!


A recent graduate of San Jose State University he holds a degree in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking and a minor in Japanese. His artwork has appeared in many galleries in the San Francisco Bay area, currently showing there at Ex Libris through this month, on the East Coast, as well as in England.


As a musician, Robbie plays the guzheng, a 22 stringed ancient Chinese instrument, similar to the zither. In a way his music does accompany his poetry as you’ll hear when he reads – his voice and reading style have a particular gentle cadence that is very much like the plucking of strings.


He has published many poems in a variety of journals as far away as India. His first book of poems, Koccha, was published in 2014. I bought the book when it first came out, and it’s an amazing work – a gorgeous map of the poetry of place and humanity – their struggle to coexist or not.


What informs his central being as an inhabitant in this “post colonial, globalized world” informs all of his art and poetry. In his own words, Robbie explains, “the seed of my work is land itself, the seeing of each place as a complex accretion of ecology and geology, of ancestry and mythology, of histories and identities.” It doesn’t get more inclusive than that.


“meat body or

wood body, we share

the same breath”


It is my pleasure to welcome, Robbie Sugg

One thought on “Featured Reader, February 2015

  1. Robbie read amazingly well, and I am still enjoying my copy of Koccha purchased that evening. May this poet have the means and opportunities to visit San Francisco often, but please stay to speak for and about San Jose!

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