— Barbara Saxton

(Lyrics only–this was sung by the poet at open mic 2/19/15)

At sunset, and after quite a few beers,
we know what life’s all about: a seed, an egg,
that find each other, share their love
then start to smother, mercenaries
in a plastic army.

Then the earth begins to bulge
and breasts become blue marble.
What have we here that wasn’t there before?
Then the belly’s empty, the breasts
no longer sore and she’s in a room
preparing to be poor, Kleenex
for company.

It’s life, that’s all it is,
all together or apart. We’ve seen
our dreams go down the drain,
fought back, or wallowed in the pain,
but after all, what will remain
except the love within our hearts?

Like some poor Demosthenes,
stamm’ring speeches at the ocean.
Nieces, nephews, children of friends
fill a void, but then again, follow footsteps
in the sand to a life’s
torn, empty page.

A mistake, that’s all it was.
Well done, and paid for. Right-to-lifers,
may it rain on your parade.
Hell of a mother
I would have made! My heart’s a garden
where a child can play
in immortality.

A life,
that’s all it was…

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