— Jerry Dyer

My finger, curved
like a baby banana,
hits the ‘add to cart’ button
over and over again.
You know, Amazon
doesn’t mean rain forest anymore.

I have a monkey mind.
I only play
disappointment games.
I never beat the clock,
never find the treasure.

I am not morose,
just unmoored.
I wait for the FedEx guy
to clear my porch,
then get the packages
piled upon the floor.

I simply won’t
answer the door anymore.
I let the machines
pick up all those pings,
and drag unopened messages
to the trash.

I refuse to talk
to my neighbor.
I can hear the color
in his voice, and his breath
leaves clouds of saffron
in the air.

What’s the frequency Kenneth?
I’m not tuned in.
Did you know that sloths
spend their whole lives
in a circle whose radius
can be fifty yards?

I fear I’m missing out
on missing out.
You know, Facebook has a group
for people afraid
to clear their screens.

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