— Larry T. Hollist

Part 1-Scgetti
Scgetti, I eat it every day.
Twice if I had my way.
Scgetti is long and thin
I have found
When I suck it in
It makes an unusual sound
Scgetti would be great to lick
If I could just freeze it on a stick.
Scgetti is the bestest food I know.
But  alas, on me it has begun to show.
19 Nov 1994
Part 2- Meatball (Scgetti reprisal)
A single meatball sits on my plate.
I sigh at my awful fate.
Just so I can walk through a normal door
And to keep my gut from mopping the floor.
What more can I say.
Than Dr. Atkins took my scgetti away.

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