Featured Reader, March 2015

Poet, ukelele-appreciator and co-host of the Willow Glen Poetry Project, Christine Richardson, introduced Poet Laureate David Perez with these words:

Tonight we are thrilled to feature Santa Clara County’s third Poet Laureate, David Perez. I’m not sure the county could have selected a more engaged and energetic representative for poetry in our diverse area.

David earned a masters degree in creative writing from Goddard College and is currently a professor at Ohlone College. He is a recipient of an Arts Council Silicon Valley  Fellowship for Literary Arts, a repeat guest on NPR’s Snap Judgment and in 2012 was voted Best Bay Area Author by the S.F. Guardian. His 2011 poetry collection, Love in the Time of Robotic Apocalypse, is a thoughtful exploration of human interaction with a world of increasing technological advancement and varying forms of violence.

To read David’s Laureate site is to see how committed he is to supporting all the poetic voices of our valley. One of his main goals is to offer poetic instruction to young people. In the past year he has worked with many elementary and high school students and has many more workshops scheduled in the coming months. Please check his website for all these events.

At his inaugural reception David presented a clearly articulated answer to, “why poet laureate, why poetry?” He reminds us that in our hurried routines we can overlook the beauty and uniqueness that surrounds us. Poetry can help us re-experience the world the way we first saw and learned about it as a child. He says that part of his job is to welcome us back to living in that fullness. Now it is our turn to welcome David Perez.

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