I Must Go To The Sea

— Andrew Reynolds

The machine has stopped.
The beams no longer batter the body.
The doctor has proclaimed
all is well.

Breathing in the fresh air
brings no relief
mind weighed down
with the weight of doubt.

There should be joy in this moment
There should be freedom in the wind
There should be …

But it won’t leave
That ghost, that specter
That word
That fear of return.

Happiness so far away
as far as the sea
Ship wrecked and marooned
The soul fights for survival

But the mind bends unwillingly to inaction
To hide
To wait
To long for rescue

Repair the ship
Run on the flowing tide
Once more to the power of the sea
and leave marooned that word,
that cancer.

4 thoughts on “I Must Go To The Sea

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