On The Outs

—Lesa Medley

Writing and I are on the outs at the moment.
We are not on speaking terms
No, we’re not.
I haven’t felt like writing,
I haven’t wanted to write,
I haven’t even wanted to read about writing.
I’m not sure how it happened, really,
It just happened.
It’s not like we had a big fight
or anything like that,
we didn’t mutually agree
to take a short break
from each other,
or to give each other a time out
for some reason or another.
It is just that we simply stopped speaking.
I think we both have been feeling lonely
and neglected and got our feelers hurt.
We both are being stubborn and sulking right now.
But it’s okay…
it’s happened before.
I know that it’s only temporary
and that sooner or later we will make up,
all will be forgiven and forgotten
and we will love each other again.
I’m finding myself softening already,
I’ve picked up a pen and opened my notebook…

I’m thinking it will be sooner.

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