Ukelele Charlie

—Dennis Richardson

                                       Remembering Charles Schultz

Sometimes I’m Charlie Brown when I just can’t stand it.
Other times I’m Snoopy flying a mission in my
Sop-with Camel to find some root beer.
I’m always Lucy ready to give advice for five cents.
Linus is my brother waiting in a pumpkin patch
For the Great Pumpkin to come.

But today I’m myself here on a cruise ship going to Hawaii.
It’s billed as a ukulele cruise so more people will come
I think. I’m standing alone on the balcony of my room.
The wind is blowing, the ocean covered with white caps.
Suddenly the sky is ringed by clouds of questions
And so am I, like, what am I doing here?

I don’t even like the ukulele and can’t read a note of music.
The water is really rough now, the ship leaning from side to side.
Someone said the horizon is ten miles away in all directions.
I’m out of here, down to the lowest deck for a real drink at the bar
When I see the little redheaded girl coming my way.
Oh good grief! She’s got a ukulele. I just can’t stand it!

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